Éditions du Boréal: driven by a new zest

Éditions du Boréal: driven by a new zest

Éditions du Boréal is not satisfied with its achievements as it approaches its sixtieth anniversary. Indeed, the existing team has been revamped and reorganized to perpetuate the house’s mission.

In 1962, Denis Vaugeois and Jacques Lacoursière founded Éditions du Boréal, specializing in historical essays. Recruited in the late 1980s, Pascal Assathiany, with Jacques Godbout and François Ricardo among others, opened a literary publishing house, publishing in 1981. A wooden duck, Louis Caron. This is the beginning of a long adventure in which we will see the published works of local authors, such as Dany Laferrière, Marie-Claire Blais, Gil Courtemanche, Louis Hamelin, Marie Laberge, Gilles Archambault and Serge Bouchard. .

Managing Director since 1989, Pascal Assathiany replaced Gilles Ostiguy, the previous Deputy Managing Director, and Renaud Roussel, who had been Deputy Editorial Director. They will share leadership together. Publishing director Jean Bernier, also a partner in the firm, will be assisted by Catherine Ostiguy. Pascal Assathiany’s shares are being bought by Gilles and Catherine Ostiguy, Renaud Roussel and Roger Gariépy. Pascal Assathiany remained a member of the board of Éditions du Boréal as well as the distributor Dimedia.

Les Éditions du Boréal, located on rue Saint-Denis in Montreal since the 1990s, will move in the spring of 2023 to the Saint-Henri district, where the star of the house’s leading author, Gabrielle Roy, still shines.

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