Elie Semoun’s unfiltered confidences on his last breakup

Elie Semoun’s unfiltered confidences on his last breakup

Passing through Monday morning Media culturePhilippe Vandel’s program broadcast on Europe 1, Elie Semoun returned to his first novel Count to you appeared last October but also on his new show called Elie and his monsters in which he addresses themes such as disability, cowardice, racism, infidelity or even love.

Love, it was discussed during his interview on Europe 1. Elie Semoun has indeed agreed to confide in his recent breakup with the younger woman who shared his life. “It’s been a sketch for a long time, you know. I’ve often done sketches of old people going out with young people, and guys who are totally left out because they’re totally out of step. Well, that wasn’t the case with this Héloïse I talk about in the book”he explained.

If the age difference was not a problem in his couple, the comedian and humorist admits having had difficulty overcoming a very specific element. “In fact, the only difference between us was alcohol. Because I don’t drink alcohol and she drank it. Finally she drank it, she was not an alcoholic huh, but there was a lag”he added. “She came home at 5 a.m. and you’re like the old man waiting for the young one. I suffered with you that evening. Frankly, it’s quite horrible”reacted Philippe Vandel by confiding his feelings on the passage of the livery evoking this story.

In an interview given to JDD (Sunday newspaper) released the day before, Elie Semoun did not hide that his celibacy is difficult to live with. “Sunday is the heart that rests and I don’t want my life to be a long Sunday. I don’t know how to live by myself; I need to share my life, it’s is my Achilles heel”he acknowledged.

If he did not mention in this interview what he likes in a woman, he admitted in January 2020, in Galathat he had a problem with the age of his conquests. “I’m always with girls younger than me because I myself feel like I’m younger than me. But hey, I understood something: my mother died at the age of 37 years old, and I find it difficult to date women who are older than that age, because I feel like I’m cheating on her. I think I stayed in love with my mother.”.

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