Elodie Gossuin opens up like never before about the reality of her daily life as a mother of 4 children

Elodie Gossuin opens up like never before about the reality of her daily life as a mother of 4 children

No, not Wonder Woman! Crowned Miss France 2000. Elodie Gossuin made a a brilliant and diverse reconversion. Today, the beauty queen is a television host in the M6 ​​group. She hosts music bonuses there like during the holiday season on the M6, or Long live the camp etc Favorite holidays of the French on 6Ter, and we sometimes find it on France Télévisions, for that matterJunior Eurosong in 2021. Former morning worker for RFM is also a woman with a big heart: it is committed to Unicef ​​as well as to many other associations. Privately, the young woman is the mother of four children, two pairs of twins: Rose and Julesborn in December 2007 and Leonard and Josephine, born in October 2013. Connected to her pre-teen years, Élodie Gossuin is a mother with whom the dialogue is very open. “I encourage them to emphasize their character. I try to adapt to what they need. We have other topics to talk about, we talk about everything, more freely, in a more raw way. It’s great because our relationship is also being built“, she explained TV star.

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“On average, I have two or three nervous breakdowns a week”

Due to a very busy professional life, Élodie Gossuin happens to crack, as she confided in our podcast parents first. ” I am never there to take the children to school, I often feel guilty and question myself. Very often I want to change my life and move… I had many times when I broke. It happened to me the day before yesterday for example. It happens to me because I’m exhausted. I’ve learned to ask for help without feeling like it’s an admission of weakness.” she explained to us in December 2019. And this evening, January 12, 2023, Élodie Gossuin decided to speak on TikTok to convince all the people who think that she “Super woman”. This is not the case. “I don’t know how you manage because now it’s 8:15 p.m., I sent the children to shower, we haven’t eaten, tomorrow is school, let me specify, it’s Thursday evening and it’s hell“, she begins. Before continuing: “I say this because I never do: On average, I have two or three nervous breakdowns a week, which is perfectly reasonable, I think, and I get a lot of messages telling me so ‘yes, how you always have a smile, it’s great how you succeed'”.

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“It doesn’t always go well and the children exhaust me”

Élodie Gossuin admits it: yes, she is sometimes overwhelmed, like all moms. “The thing is, I never bother to send a little message, share moments when it’s really hot, and it’s hot almost all the time etc sometimes it bothers me that you believe everything is always okay because it’s not always okay and that my children exhaust me and that we did homework there for 2 hours because no one wanted to do it and it lasted three hours and it was hell and super complicated!”, she said before continuing: “Meanwhile, I’m bringing my big girl back to soccer [comme] almost every day of the week and we didn’t prepare food, we both went to Paris today, the TER was three quarters of an hour late and we went on and on, even the fridge is no longer full, I didn’t have time to shop”, ex beauty list, a bit out of date. “I wouldn’t want people to believe that I manage everything and that everything is perfect and that we are very well organized and that everything is rosy every day. It’s complicated to want to do everything right, you can’t do everything right. No, I don’t manage thoroughly and well every day (…) I often think about others, about the messages I receive (…) I try to do my best“, concludes the brave mother.

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