Élodie Poux: power cuts explained to children

Élodie Poux: power cuts explained to children

This Wednesday, December 7, Élodie Poux responds to her daughter who has just read that the state might cut us off the electricity this winter if we consume too much. “I also read that the Russians punished the Ukrainians in the same way. Are we being punished too? What did we do wrong? What will we do without electricity? that we’re going to have to unplug the TV, the wifi? Or grandma?” she asks him.

The power cuts of the Russians and those of Mr. Macron are not at all the same. We freeze in our houses and we light ourselves by candlelight, but in a democratic way. That changes everything! In addition, the State has very good advice to enable us to reduce our energy consumption. For instance, an empty fridge does not need to be plugged in! Especially since when it’s six degrees in the living room, the living room becomes a fridge

To survive the world that awaits you, a world without electricity, abundance and public service, it’s very simple, just read a book. A book so beautiful that it is able to warm the soul of a tax auditor. A book written a very long time ago, full of characters, good feelings, with the bad guys on one side and the good guys on the other. No, it’s not the bible. This is The Little House On The Prairieour new code of conduct.

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