Elon Musk deletes one of his tweets after being “ratio” by a Frenchman

Elon Musk deletes one of his tweets after being “ratio” by a Frenchman

Solene Delinger

After having “ratio” the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron in July 2021, the French “twitto” Arkunir struck once again. His target? New Twitter boss Elon Musk. The young man got more likes than the billionaire under a publication where the latter boasted of being the “master of provocation”. This is called a “ratio”.

Elon Musk humiliated by a French “twitto”. After having “ratio” Emmanuel Macron in July 2021, Arkunir attacked the richest man in the world, who became boss of Twitter two weeks ago. “Ratio” means stealing the limelight from a tweet by posting a tweet as a comment that will get more likes.

Elon Musk boasted of being the “master of provocativeness”

While the Tesla boss boasted of being the “master of provocation”, Arkunir totally took him by surprise. “What do you call someone who is a master of provocation?” Elon Musk tweeted. “I don’t know but call this ratio,” replied the young man.

Arkunir fears being banned from Twitter

Bet taken up by the French: in less than an hour, his response to Elon Musk received thousands of likes, until finally exceeding the number of likes obtained by the boss of Twitter. The billionaire finally took down his tweet. It is not known if this decision is related to the famous “ratio” of Arkunir. “If I ever jump, know that I love you and that we will have had a good laugh at least the guys”, tweeted the Frenchman, who fears being banned from the social network after having triggered the anger of Elon Musk.

The richest man in the world does not like being challenged too much and even less on Twitter, his territory. American comedian Kathy Griffin has already paid the price. After making fun of Musk, she was banned from Twitter.

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