“Emile under a trolling sky” depicts Agena in 1960

“Emile under a trolling sky” depicts Agena in 1960

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Christian Jasinski’s Agenais, his first novel, inspired by his childhood on the banks of the Garonne has just been released, tells us about “Emil under the pulling sky” which will be published at the end of November.

His hero is used to putting his secrets on paper and hiding them in the walls of his house, like him, Christian Jasinski has always written, first poems, then film scripts, which remained in the coffin, before he embarked on writing “Emile under the sky which pulls”, his first novel.

The book “Émile under the moving sky” is on sale in bookstores.

The plot of the book is related to the era of the 60s of the last century, to the author’s childhood, in the cradle of the Garonne. “I was born almost on the banks of the Garonne, I went to college Jasmin, I went there on foot, I used the pedestrian bridge very often. The Garonne is my childhood,” recalls the author.

An accident that changes everything

In this book we find a man, a dreamer, a river, a character for himself and an accident caused by a driver. News that really happened in Agen and that marked the author. Everything else is fiction, as Christian Jasinski explains. “I would say that 90% of the story is made up, I based myself on this accident and took the story out of it,” he says. Indeed, this drama upsets the balance of Émile, who has lived closed in his own little world since he was 13 years old. “A world where his house is his guardian angel”, as we read on the 4th cover of this novel, published at the end of November, the fruit of almost three years of work.

Inspired by Covid

Christian Jaskiski really took advantage of various limitations to complete this literary project. The author is a French-English translator, he handles Shakespeare’s and Molière’s language, and he just proved it with this debut.
Emile under the drawing sky is sold in bookstores in the department, the author was on the move in Martin-Delbert yesterday to ensure the distribution of the book. A reading idea for people of an age who will gladly immerse themselves in the sixties, and for all those who like family dramas colored with dreams and poetry.

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