Enola (Star Academy): images of her in a 2015 series appear on the Web

Enola (Star Academy): images of her in a 2015 series appear on the Web

Unhappy finalist of this Star Academy revival, Enola was not at his first attempt on the screens. A surfer unearthed images of the talented artist dating from 2015 and on which she appears in the casting of a documentary series.

Star Academy, shenanigans and piston. Long before TF1 rubbed its hands for having relaunched this cult brand, the channel and the production of tele-hook had to face this kind of accusations. Blame it on its casting, some candidates knowing their teachers or having already met before Nikos Aliagas kicks off. Thus, Carla, “the dancer” of this promotion, had already set foot in the artistic world, hosted a TV show and even rubbed shoulders with Yanis Marshallfor a few lessons.

On the other hand, nothing had filtered through on the sweet Enola, apart from his face uncovered right in the middle of a prime Dance with the stars. Hard worker, perfectionist and attentive to her teachers, the native of Landiras has traced her path, without clash or clash with his roommates, until reaching the final, where she suffered from a wrong song choice and the talent of her rival, Anisha.

“Already all cabbage” in a 2015 series

Since the end of the adventure, the first of the class has started the second, entering the studio to work on new projects. While maintaining the link with his comrades from Dammarie-les-Lys but also his many fans. One of them may have played a nasty trick on her by plunging her back into a past… that she might have preferred to forget. Three photos of a juvenile Enola have indeed appeared on Twitter. in the cast of an episode of the series In the face of doubt, a life of lies, dating from August 2015. A soap opera played by amateur actors that unrolled the thread of stories inspired by real facts. The opportunity to realize that the young woman of 22 years has not changed much, always keeping this bright smile. “She was already all cabbage”“This girl exudes something inexplicable, she has the face of a star and an artist with an old soul”have noted in particular internet users. No doubt, Enola already knew where she wanted to go.

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