Enora Malagré cash on her past as a columnist in TPMP

Enora Malagré cash on her past as a columnist in TPMP

It was in 2017. After seven seasons on Cyril Hanouna’s show, Do not touch My TVEnora Malagré created the surprise by deciding to leave the show. The columnist with a strong character had explained that she no longer felt “in her place” in the flagship program of C8. “I have been asking myself questions for several months about my future on television and about my place in Touche pas à mon poste. I believe that I no longer find my place there. So I am announcing to you this evening that I will leave, that I officially leave Do not touch my position”, she announced on social media.

The one who also distinguished herself on the radio for several years alongside Sébastien Cauet had advanced multiple reasons to justify her departure from TPMP, including the homophobic sketch which had been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Invited on December 21 by David Barbet on Télépro, Enora Malagré returned frankly to her past as a columnist, explaining in particular that she had played a role. “I know it wasn’t really me on the show. No one understood that I was being asked to say stuff. So my job was to play the yelling girl, the insolent cousin. I was paid for that. If I was like that in life, I wouldn’t have any friends”reacted the one who bounced on the theater boards.

And the native of Morlaix in Brittany to add: “We are a little impetuous, pretentious when we are 20 or 30 years old. We do stupid things. I would have liked a woman to take me by the hand to guide me by telling me don’t show your panties…“. As for her relationship with Cyril Hanouna, she confided that their relationship was always friendly: “We don’t always agree with Cyril but we are friends. He is therefore very proud of me”, she assured.


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