Enrico Macias: his cousin is a famous presenter

Enrico Macias: his cousin is a famous presenter

During his youth, Enrico Macias saw Algeria, his native country, hit by war. A difficult period he lived next to his cousin, a famous television presenter.

Sometimes singer, musician, composer or actor, it is clear that Enrico Macias is a multi-talented artist. We are in 1963 when the father of the family does his beginnings in the world of music. His debut album, titled Children from all countries immediately met with success. A nice revenge for Gaston Ghrenassia, his real name, who, three years earlier, had to flee his Native Algeria still hit by the war.

A particularly significant time for Enrico Macias. “During the war in Algeria, we lost loved ones and we didn’t know if we were going to be able to go home because of the violence in the streets.” he already confided during an interview published in the show It’s up to you. This sad period, the artist crossed it with Paul Amar, cousin son who, just like him, has not forgotten a second.

Paul Amar talks about his childhood with Enrico Macias

Paul Amar and Enrico Macias did not have the most peaceful childhood. At least that’s what former presenter of news D’Antenna 2 confided in 2020 in an interview with France Sunday. “My father had sent me to buy bread and wine at Place Négrier and I saw a man being shot twice and collapsing before my eyes when I was five meters from him. I was only 10 years old (…) Seeing my cousin Gaston Ghrenassia come running (Enrico Macias) and his brother Jean-Claudeand hearing them scream in pain, Iunderstood even more what was going on“, did he declare. A moment that will remain etched in his memory forever.

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