Éric Carrière delivers his brain to science for unprecedented research (VIDEO)

Éric Carrière delivers his brain to science for unprecedented research (VIDEO)

This is a question that is being asked more and more often in the world of sports: What if playing with the head is dangerous for the health of soccer players? Already last April, a French study conducted by Doctor Hélène Cassoudesale, Professor Patrick Dehail from the CHU de Bordeaux discovered that the practice of repeating heads can have consequences on the functioning of the athlete’s brain.

In order to go further, Professor Stéphane Kremer, who works at the Hautepierre Hospital in Strasbourg, launched a new study that has not been carried out in the world before, as the neurologist explains in the documentary. football without a headavailable on the platform The team is investigating from this Thursday, November 10: “There are data in the literature that indicate that repeated blows to the head can cause morphological changes in the brain. Our idea was to check if, at the end of a professional soccer player’s career, we could highlight any anomalies either on magnetic resonance imaging or on a neuro-psychological level, and see what the potential role is, just repeated head impacts.

So Stéphane Kremer and his team will analyze the brains of 45 former professional players. Among them, Éric Carrière, a former French national team player (10 selections), went through Nantes, OL or RC Lens in particular. With a total of 527 professional games, the former consultant for Canal+ had the opportunity to make heads turn throughout his career. Now the 49-year-old explains for The team is investigating the importance of this study according to him: “We don’t ask those questions. We have to make heads, we have to. It’s true that sometimes you can get a bit of a headache…“, explains the one who played as a midfielder before sharing his personal experience: “When Guy Roux arrived at Racing Club de Lens (2007, editor’s note), he thought we didn’t have a very good head game. He did a lot of exercises for us in this register. Every time I had sessions that were a little more difficult, with balls that had to be served 30 meters away and that you had to head, I felt that the session was not very useful there.

In countries such as the United States of America, England, Ireland or Scotland, the title is banned in youth categories. While the highest authorities in world football are quite discreet on this matter, Éric Carrière hopes that this study will make the discussion of this topic less taboo: “I think not many people wanted the information. But at least, if we know direction is a problem… Either we go there consciously, or we adjust the practice so that it is less problematic. That is the reason why I am here. If we have data, then whoever hides it is problematic. I don’t think there was a desire to have one for several years. We’re getting there. Obviously, we always keep our fingers crossed, we say to ourselves “if they don’t find much anyway! “.

Football without a head: Thursday, November 10 on L’Équipe investigates

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