“Eric Clapton stayed the same. Jimmy Page got worse”

“Eric Clapton stayed the same. Jimmy Page got worse”

Jay Jay French, guitarist of twisted sisterspoke about what made the late Jeff Beck truly one of a kind, comparing it to some of its peers in passing.

Many good guitarists defined the instrument from the 60s to the 80s, among them the great Beck, recently passed away at the age of 78who triggered a torrent of tributes in the world of Rock a you Metal.

French is among those who have expressed admiration for Beck. He notably commented on the talents of the late master of the six-string in a recent interview with The Metal Voice.

Speaking about what made Beck special compared to all the other guitar heroes of his time, French said: “Having witnessed all that was happening [dans le milieu à l’époque]Beck has developed an incredible style of play over the next 50 years… Jimi [Hendrix] didn’t have the luxury of perfecting himself, but [Beck] Yes. Eric [Clapton] didn’t change much, it stayed the same. Jimmy Page got worse over time, he was more clumsy, he eventually picked himself up and I guess he’s okay today.”

He added : “By the way, I’m not disparaging these people. They are my heroes, the greatest guitarists, those who, when you hear them, you know who they are. They are not only good technically, they have an identity.

On the other hand, Twisted Sister will give a unique concert as part of his induction into the Metal Hall Of Fame on January 26.

Interview with Jay Jay French for The Metal Voice:

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