Evelyne Dhéliat talks about her biggest physical handicap that ruined her life…

Evelyne Dhéliat talks about her biggest physical handicap that ruined her life…

Evelyne Dhéliat displays a broad smile in all circumstances, yet hides a flaw deep within. A terrible handicap that had the effect of destroying his dream career!

Evelyne Dhéliat, figure of French television

Miss Weather is one of the leading personalities of French television. Everyone knows him. So she is the host of the most watched weather forecast in France. It should be added that she is one of the most popular women in France. It is in the hearts of French men and women. The man knew how to last. She remained loyal to TF1 for decades. She is fiercely fighting against global warming.

The host has had quite an incredible journey. After studying English at the Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Evelyne Dhéliat became a presenter at the public broadcaster ORTF. Her debut as an announcer delighted TF1 and the channel offered her to host a number of shows.

In 1985, she received September d’Or for the best TV presenter. In 1992, she took a turn in her career and became Miss Weather of the One. Then, in 2003, she was appointed head of the weather service at TF1. A true consecration. A year later, becomes a Knight of the National Order of Merit. A very prestigious award.

Since 2009, the wife of Philippe Maraninchi takes the position of head of the meteorological service of LCI, a cousin of TF1. On April 19, he will celebrate his 73rd birthday. It was a 26-year career for this woman.

The powerful confessions of Evelyne Dhéliat: her main vision problems

Going back to a period in her career, Evelyne Dhéliat gave an interview to Télé 7 jours. She explained: “although announcers had an aura, I was more attracted to journalism. But that was reserved for men. In addition to knitting topics. But that was none of my business.».

She continues: ” the two took turns. A morning session followed, until 4:30 p.m., then another until midnight. Our studio was tied to the final control, because then, in case of a technical problem, we were called to apologize to the viewers. “, the manager explained. Myopia, no teleprompter… Journalism did not suit her.

Being a journalist is a dream job for many. There is no routine, the information to be published changes every day. In general, to be a journalist, you have to attend certain studies. There is skill. You must know how to analyze facts and check sources, you should not spread information if you are not sure about it and if there is a specific code of ethics.

Speakerine since 1969, Évelyne Dhéliat has presented the weather forecast since 1992 when she joined the service on TF1 before later taking over as presenter. The presenter received numerous awards: 7 d’or for the best presenter in 1985, the award for the best weather presentation in 1994. She won the trophy of the international weather festival in 1999 and also in 2001. On January 1, 2017, she received the Legion of Honor.

The presenter tried to break into literature with a book published in 2007. The title of the book? It’s good for the planet. The favorite French presenter of 2011, she often appears inGreat competition of animators,on TF1 channel.

A lover of the southwest

On the sentimental side, the weather forecaster lost her husband, Philippe, who died suddenly on April 11, 2017. A drama that ended fifty years of life together. They both had a daughter, Olivia, born in 1968.

As soon as she can, Évelyne Dhéliat travels to the southwest of France. Objeko already had the opportunity to talk about this in an article. He has a house in Saint-Jean de Luz. He likes to relax and let go. It is a pleasure to find landscapes of such beauty. She likes to hunt through flea markets to find rare items. She even does a little DIY. It’s a passion about which he remains quite discreet.

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