“Everyone has their life now”: Billy Crawford responds to Lorie who refused a last dance in DALS

“Everyone has their life now”: Billy Crawford responds to Lorie who refused a last dance in DALS

Big winner of this twelfth season of Dance with the starsBilly Crawford recalled the good old memory of a whole generation waddling on his hits. But the Filipino-American’s image remains attached to that of Lorie, who he dated and responded to about a possible reunion on the show.

Billy the Kid broke the bank! Legally this time. The American-Filipino won everything by winning the bet during a twelfth edition of Dance with the stars, marred by behind-the-scenes tensions. His eternal joie de vivre, his sense of rhythm and his proven complicity with Fauve Hautot allowed him to overcome all obstacles, including his back injuryto realize one of his predictions at the start of the contest. Billy Crawford wanted to return to a country that is dear to him through the front door and succeeded brilliantly… before perhaps settling there permanently. “I want to come back to France and even live here. We have already discussed it with my wife to look for a house”, he revealed in an interview with TV Star.

A priori, his search should take him away from the lands of Lorie, with whom any reconciliation seems impossible. The last release of the singer on her Youtube account sealed their beautiful idyll in the past. Nina’s mom has indeed revealed that she had refused the production’s request to come and dance with her ex-boyfriend. “I found it a little inflated anyway because hey, that’s what…” she added, to justify her decision.

“Everyone has their own life now”

Billy Crawford would not have been against a last dance, even on a Kyo sound. “It’s not mine (decision, editor’s note), he replied to our colleagues. Everyone has their own life now and it’s been more than twenty years since we’ve seen or spoken. I focused on my work, my craft, my life ever since. She has a family, I have mine and If we broke up it’s not for nothing…” The end point of a tango from a distance.

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