EXCLUDED – Brigitte Macron on the 8 p.m. news from TF1: why the interview is not live

EXCLUDED – Brigitte Macron on the 8 p.m. news from TF1: why the interview is not live

Operation Yellow Pieces is back. To talk about it, Brigitte Macron will be the guest of the 20 hours of TF1, this Monday, January 9. President of the Hospital Foundation, the president’s wife will thus launch the 34th edition of the fundraiser, open from January 11 to February 4, 2023. His interview with Gilles Bouleau however, will not be broadcast live. And for good reason: according to our information, the interview will be recorded before the opening of the newspaperin order to allow the First Lady tohonor the visit to Paris of the Japanese Prime MinisterFumio Kishida. For the occasion, a dinner is indeed organized at the Elysee at 20 hours.

Together, Emmanuel Macron and the head of the Japanese government visited this Monday the construction site of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedraldestroyed by a violent fire in 2019. France is the first leg of Fumio Kishida’s European tourappointed in October 2021, who will then travel to North America to meet his G7 counterparts, of which his country has just taken over the presidency.

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Brigitte Macron performs with Camille Combal and Didier Deschamps

This Saturday, January 7, the emblematic charity campaign led by the First Lady was entitled to a funny advertisement with Camille Combal and Didier Deschampsand posted on social media. From the first seconds, the star host of TF1 is filmed climbing the steps of the Elysée, tout trying to reassure themselves: “Yeah, I think I have the right idea, I feel good this year…” In the next scene, the 40-year-old is in Brigitte Macron’s office, in front of a board full of ideas to promote fundraising.

“I’m very happy that it’s just the two of us to show you the ideas I had for the Yellow Pieces. I know that Didier is the sponsor of the operation, but there at least we are well concentrated…”he has fun facing the wife of the Head of State who tries to cut him off. “I also know that in the past my ideas have not been successful. The piggy bank in Singer Maskthat was not it. The quickstep in Dance with the stars neither…”continues the presenter before being interrupted by the surprising arrival of a robot bearing the image of Didier Deschamps in the room. About what modernize the image of this appeal for donations campaign created in 1989 to support hospitals.


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