Excluded. Stéphane reveals what he does with the cars and gifts he won in Les 12 coups de midi!

Excluded. Stéphane reveals what he does with the cars and gifts he won in Les 12 coups de midi!

Stéphane, Jean-Luc Reichmann’s Maître de midi won a new mysterious Star this Tuesday, November 15 in The 12 strokes of noon. To pay Tele-Leisurethe champion explained what he was doing with the pile of gifts he won.

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who can stop Stephane ? The current champion 12 strokes of noon walks on water in the TF1 game. This Tuesday, November 15, the candidate has just earn a fourth Mysterious Starrecognizing the personality hidden in the fresco. The professional worker, originally from Haute-Marne, is on an impressive ratio of one Star discovered every 22 participations. His overall prize pool is 368,647 euros, don’t 152.897 euros in gifts. For Tele-Leisurethe Master of noon confided in how he intends to take advantage of his pile of presents.

It takes space to store“, explains Stéphane concerning his gifts won at 12 strokes of noon

In the 12 strokes of noonunlike money, Étoile discoverers can leave directly with the gifts won in the window, without waiting to be aired. Inevitably receiving so many goods forces you to organize yourself. “It’s true that it takes space to store (he’s laughing). Fortunately, I have a large parking lot to put the cars“, start by explaining Stéphane. Joyful owner of four new vehicleshowever, the champion does not intend to keep them all. “I don’t worry, a car is easily resalable“, he admits.

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The Master of noon offers and sells his gifts to his loved ones

The champion’s sons, aged 14 and 17, know about Christmas early thanks to Father Stéphane. “I give everything related to computers and game consoles to my children. It makes them happy“, proudly concedes the candidate of Jean-Luc Reichman. The latter continues by explaining that he keeps what interests him and gets rid of the rest by getting a little extra ticket. “I also sell a lot of things to friends, family or colleagues.“And watch out for people who would approach him out of interest, he is not fooled.”A few people I hadn’t seen in a while introduced themselves to me. They were starting to want to scratch. I kindly told them not to insistr”, he concludes, indicating that he would not let himself be fooled like that.

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