EXCLUDED VIDEO – “An important link”: Michel Jonasz very friend with Francis Cabrel, his tender statement

EXCLUDED VIDEO – “An important link”: Michel Jonasz very friend with Francis Cabrel, his tender statement

Of the unbreakable bonds. This Sunday, January 22, the singer Michael Jonas will be interviewed by Bernard Montiel on the airwaves of RFM. In an excerpt from the show 1 hour with…that we viewed exclusively, the artist evokes the beautiful friendship he has with Francis Cabrel. Moreover, he goes so far as to make a tender declaration to the 69-year-old author, composer and performer – who is at the same time on the phone, joined by Bernard Montiel –, particularly known for his titles I love her to death, I loved you, i love you, I’ll love you, Little Marie, October, It is written or The ink of your eyes. “I really feel a very important connection [et] very strong with Francis [Cabrel]I listen to a lotsays Michel Jonasz in this interview. I love Frances i love his songs.”

Michel Jonasz and Francis Cabrel: a beautiful friendship

Michel Jonasz also made no secret of being “chuffed” to hear the voice of this friend, whom he considers part of his “family”. He then clarified that, when he felt like listening to French songs, he frequently turned to the titles of Francis Cabrel. The latter was just as friendly and complimentary. In particular, he ruled that Michel Jonasz had a “ease”and “natural swing”a “candy” and a voice “very enveloping” which belonged to him. He then added that, more than just a singer, he was also a real musician.

On the occasion of the next release of his album Sing the blues – in stores on January 27 – Michel Jonasz had recently confided in our columns. The artistwho celebrates his 76th birthday this Saturday, January 21, had in particular does rare secrets concerning the profession of his childrenFlorian and Hannah. Although they do not evolve on stage, both share the same passion for music as their dad…

The full interview of Michel Jonasz by Bernard Montiel can be listened to this Sunday, January 22, in 1 hour with…on RFM, from 12 p.m.

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