Exhibition of books and art in the BFM hall in Limoges until February 15

Exhibition of books and art in the BFM hall in Limoges until February 15

The exhibition “Artists’ Books” draws directly from the rich collection of the BFM in Limoges. Established over 30 years, it reflects the diversity of creation in Limousin and consists of around 600 titles.

But what is an artist’s book?

BFM librarians have selected some of the works from the collection created over decades, in order to convey their content to the general public.

Until February 15th, you will be able to discover different ways to access the “Artist’s Book”. Since it is very complex to find a unique definition of this term. It is, in fact, a representation that disrupts our usual understanding of the book, not responding to any predefined technique.

The most impressive forms in this field are those illustrated bookswhich include text and artwork as well as books without text, where the message comes only through the image. Away from the traditional conception of the book, come on animelike pop-up windows – where pages contain mechanisms that increase the volume of paper – or flip-bookswith, also called folioscopes, in which drawings or photographs represent a moving scene when the pages are turned. Finally, it comes subject book.

There, the exercise is still free, since the text can also get in the way. If it is a sculpture, the book that has become an object also becomes a work of art.

This exhibition questions our relationship to the book as an object, as well as in its nature to convey its messages to us. A great way to question your literary as well as artistic inclinations.

Chloe Goigoux

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