Fabien Arca remembers “spaghetti with lipstick” from his childhood

Fabien Arca remembers “spaghetti with lipstick” from his childhood

Christian Dorsan, author, blogger etc associate of the 20 Minutes Books reader group, recommends Spaghetti with rose by Fabien Arce, published on January 13, 2022 by Éditions Espaces 34 and selected among Nuggets for the best junior novel (ages 7-11) at Book and print fair for young peoplefrom November 30 to December 5 in Montreuil.

His favorite quote:

Mon Plumeau, you know, a mother never leaves completely, she always remains there, in the heart of her child. It is also the magic of the mother that must go.

Why this book?

  • Because this book is touching. The little boy Plumeau is very affected by his mother’s departure, Fabien Arca describes precisely and in a few words the feeling of abandonment. There is no excess in the idleness of this little boy, but a lot of simplicity and calligrams that lead us into his discomfort.
  • Because dad plays an important role, and it is he who will “cure” Plumeau of melancholy with play, imagination and laughter. Perhaps this is the birth of a father-son bond?
  • Because children’s books sometimes have virtues or are examples. With this book, the young reader will learn that dad can replace mom at a certain moment and that mom, no matter where she is, is never separated from her children.

The most important in 2 minutes

Action. A man facing the ocean remembers that as a child his oceanographer mother went on a mission and that her departure made him lose his appetite.

Characters. Clean up a little boy, his oceanographer mom and his dream dad.

Places. The city and the ocean.

Time. Right now.

Author. Fabien Arca is a playwright for children. Awarded multiple times, he also writes radio dramas for France Inter.

This book was read with tenderness. Fabien Arca has the talent to tell a simple story and bring to life a child’s sadness. For children aged 6-8 years.

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