Fabienne Thibeault operated on with an open heart: the singer victim of a serious health concern

Fabienne Thibeault operated on with an open heart: the singer victim of a serious health concern

It didn’t take long! This Friday, January 20, the Franco-Quebec singer Fabienne Thibeault told on her Facebook page to have come close to deathsaved in extremis by the public hospital of Clermont-Ferrand, while she was in the region for the needs of a shoot.

In his publication, the original interpreter of Marie-Jeanne, the automaton waitress from the famous musical starmania Told feel for several months “chest pains going down the neck and arms” without worrying more than that. However, during one night, the pain became more difficult to bear and she decided to go to the emergency room, accompanied by her husband Christian Montagnac. While she was expecting a small formality, she was amazed at the reactions of the nursing staff : “In 5 minutes, commotion: electrocardiogram and all the rest: diagnosis: next morning, open-heart quadruple bypass surgery with arteries in the root of the heart affected…I would have collapsed anytime, on the street, at the slightest effort I would be dead she said, adding that the operation had fortunately been a success and that she now had to prepare for cardiac rehabilitation.

In the continuation of his message, the one who promotes body positivism and fights fatphobia held on to thank the hospital staff where she stayed: “I would like to express my immense gratitude to the cardiac unit of Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital: surgeons, doctors, interns, nurses, nursing assistants, managers, maintenance people, all of exceptional competence, caring, with whom we can laugh and be reassured even in such dramatic moments”before concluding by reassuring his fans: I’m still there […] I kiss you, I will come back to the top!“. Fabienne Thibeault can in any case thank her lucky star.

❤️ life is often surprising .. for a few months I had been experiencing chest pain going to the neck and…

posted by Fabienne Thibeault to Thursday, January 19, 2023

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Fabienne Thibeault: her other major health problem

In recent years, Fabienne Thibeault has experienced several health problemsbut which she has always been able to deal with on time. In 2020, the one who has not only kept good memories of starmania told the journalist luxury jordan be had glaucoma and was also at risk of contracting AMD in the futureage-related macular degeneration, who could eventually make the singer blind. But she also wanted to be reassuring, specifying that it was not an immediate problem and that she was being taken care of, which allowed her to keep the smile.


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