Fans have an interesting theory as to this cause in Indefensible

Fans have an interesting theory as to this cause in Indefensible

This week in Indefensiblewe are witnessing a new case for Mr. MacDonald, that of a baby who died a year earlier – supposedly – of natural causes. The woman who found him dead at the time is questioned by the police.

This one happens to be Adèle, the spouse of the father. In an interview with the police, she reveals new information that had not been disclosed during the first interrogation.

She claims that the little boy fell down the stairs, shortly before his death, and had then lost consciousness.

On social media, people are posting their theories as to why she failed to talk about this important fact a year earlier.

The hypothesis that comes up most often is this: it is the boy’s big sister who would have pushed him down the stairs and Adèle tries to protect the little girl by hiding the truth.

There are also fans who believe it was Adele herself who allegedly pushed the kid or was negligent towards him. She might have shaken him a little too hard?

Viewers are also wondering why, if the child had tumbled down the stairs, he didn’t have any bruises or marks on his body.

We will know more in the coming days, but we can say that this cause arouses curiosity.

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