Fat Joe advised Kanye West to ‘turn to God’ after his slip-ups

Fat Joe advised Kanye West to ‘turn to God’ after his slip-ups

Always in turmoil, Kanye West can at least count on the support of Fat Joe, whom he went to meet recently.

Kanye West advised by Fat Joe

Guest of the show Red table discussionFat Joe will have mentioned his recent interview with Kanye Westdropped on all sides after making anti-Semitic remarks. The founder of the Terror Squad refuses to close the door to his colleague, and would have even given him some advice, in order to be forgotten for a moment. “I’ll tell you something. I got a sleepless night thinking about what he said, and I was like, “Damn, man, he really did it this time. And so, I was thinking about all that, the fact that he hurt people with his words. He said terrible things. And this morning, coming here, leaving my hotel, Kanye West came to meet me. I was like, “You know what, Ye, man? You go to church. There is no one more powerful than God. Sit down, talk to God. » I said, “Look, Ye, people like you. I said like this, grabbing his shoulder, “God tells me to pass this message on to you,” and I continued, “Bro, you gotta get out of this.” You have to focus and turn to God, because God is the answer. God is the key. Whatever you have to do. »

To believe that West has not taken into account the advice of Joe. A few hours ago, the controversial rapper sent a tackle in the direction of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, claiming that the couple were “controlled by Hollywood. »

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