Faustine Bollaert “broken” by her husband Maxime Chattam’s books: her funny anecdote about their daily life

Faustine Bollaert “broken” by her husband Maxime Chattam’s books: her funny anecdote about their daily life

In the show We fix the TV, aired this Saturday, November 12, Faustine Bollaert spoke about the dark pen of her husband Maxime Chattam and the paradox that exists in a man that he is with her everyday.

This Saturday, November 12, Faustine Bollaert was a guest on the show We fix the TV broadcast on RTL. With Érica Dussart and Jade, the France 2 television presenter made trust about her husband Maxime Chattam, known 46-year-old writer of detective novels. Evoking the latter’s last book, published ten days ago under the title Predator constancy, symbolic figure It starts today discovered that he “got a little out of hand”.

“He’s really, really tough, and sometimes it’s hard for me to imagine that the wonderful, gentle man I know is the one who can write such horrors,” she said in wonder as her husband May “get out of his office after you’ve written this and [la] we are in the kitchen eating nuggets with the children”. Faustine Bollaert admitted that there is “little culture shock” and that he is accidental “a little broken” facing Maxime Chattam’s rather glaucous pen. “I still ask him the question, saying, ‘But how can you write that, really?'”she said, considering that the man she loves, who is “cream” actually it is “frivolous”.

Discover the office where Maxime Chattam works

A novelist who just wants to see his books featured

Faustine Bollaert then clarified that the father of her two children, Abbie (age 9) and Peter (age 7), may be known for his detective novels, but he is not “I don’t want to be in the light” however. “He doesn’t want us to recognize him, he hates it. We are regularly offered to do reports together, magazine covers, we categorically refuse it,” she explained. Maxime Chattam even has a feeling “it’s very embarrassing when you recognize him on the street” when he walks with his wife and we discover his identity. “Thanks for letting me in on your notoriety,” throws at her regularly, “no way” glad he’s not going incognito.

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