Faustine Bollaert reveals what her husband Maxime Chattam does during Star Academy…And it’s a little scary (VIDEO)

Faustine Bollaert reveals what her husband Maxime Chattam does during Star Academy…And it’s a little scary (VIDEO)

How does it feel to share the life of Mainly discussauthor of many thrillers, each more harrowing than the next? To believe Faustine Bollaerthis wife, it’s not always easy. Guest on the RTL show We redo the TV, this Saturday, November 12, the presenter of It starts today on France 2 made some secrets about his daily life alongside the successful writer: “I find it hard to imagine sometimes that it is the adorable, tender man, that I know, who can write such horrors. Especially how he can come down from his office after writing this, and find us to come and eat nuggets with the children. […] From time to time, I am a little decomposed and I ask him the question again: ‘But how can you write that?'”. During the interview, she also revealed her husband’s strange pastime when they watch the star academy with family. Watch out… it’s scary!

Maxime Chattam, a great “casual

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Faustine Bollaert said that Maxime Chattam, apart from the series of which he is “mad”, seldom watched television. However, he sometimes lets himself “embark through family programs”next to his wife and their childrenlike the star academy for example :The other time, we were watching the star academyand he was looking at an autopsy record for an upcoming bookand I said to the children: ‘Don’t look at what dad is looking at, because there…'”, she revealed, under the amazed eyes of Éric Dussart and Jade. “It’s creepy, yes it’s true“, she added. “Yet it really is a man’s cream“, she nevertheless insisted.

Notoriety difficult to manage for Maxime Chattam

Faustine Bollaert also confided in this double notoriety to be managed on a daily basis for the couple. And if the host has gotten used to being in the spotlight for several years, her husband, meanwhile, has a harder time getting used to it: “Max doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. He doesn’t want to be recognized, he hates itshe confessed. “He wants his writings to be in the light, but not him”, she concluded.

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