finally some good news for the fans

finally some good news for the fans

Since the start of The Witcher series 3 years ago, Netflix has been strongly criticized for taking liberties. Will the last season with Henry Cavill undergo the same treatment? There would be hope.

The The Witcher series is in troubled waters. Since the announcement of the departure of Henry Cavill, followed by the disaster of the spin-off Blood Legacythe trust between the streaming giant and fans appears to be broken. Over the course of the episodes and the seasons, the showrunners took more and more freedom with the source material. This would be one of the reasons why the actor took his early retirement from Witcher. Netflix has denied rumors started by former employees and wants to reassure viewers about this third and final season for Cavill. The creators are formal, they will correct what is considered by many to be a bad flaw.

Season 3 of The Witcher series more faithful to the books?

Will season 3 of The Witcher really be a real last-ditch to Henry Cavill? Since the announcement of the departure of the one who lent his features to Geralt de Riv, Netflix has been trying to reassure fans as best he can. The platform promised a final that would honor the one who interpreted the White Wolf for three seasons, and which would facilitate the transition with his successor Liam Hemsworth. Many also hoped that the multiverse would be invited to the festivities. A theory that has since been debunked. Regular readers of Sapkowski’s work fear the worst. What if The Witcher series took even more liberties? The designer wants to be reassuring. At the microphone of Entertainment Weekly, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich promises that season 3 will be more faithful to the books.

For me, what’s so exciting about The Witcher Season 3 is that it’s the most faithful individual adaptation of the books we’ve done to date. Obviously, we cannot adapt all the pages, but The Time of Contempt really has us full of important events, plot points, defining character moments, and big reveals about the story’s big bad. There is so much to do that we were able to stick very closely to the books.

This third season should therefore rectify the situation on this point which particularly displeased the many fans of the work. Viewers will be able to experience Henry Cavill’s latest adventures as Geralt of Rivia by summer 2023. However, Netflix may be surfing on the actor’s popularity by cutting The Witcher season 3 in two parts, as was for example the case for Stranger Things and some other productions of the platform.

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