“Find myself single”: Sophie Davant makes rare secrets about her love life

“Find myself single”: Sophie Davant makes rare secrets about her love life

More fulfilled than ever at the head ofDeal doneSophie Davant is also far from the cameras, especially since she marries with her ex-colleague William Leymergie. In an interview given to TV 7 Daysthis woman who has fallen in love again has confided in rare secrets about her sentimental journey.

Even in the diabolical game of thronesSophie Davant would succeed in perpetuating her dynasty. The host of France 2 has held her rank for many years, and the public service channel is not ready to betray this longevity, granting her all her favors. fans ofDeal done will see for the first time their protege…with long haira condition retained for the distribution of the bonus “spectacular” of January 11, during which the conductor and her team of auctioneers will take an interest in mythical objects belonging to the 20th century.

This sudden change of look is not random, the dapper fifty-year-old learning to let go and finally trust herself in front of the cameras. “I really reached a fullness that lived up to what I aspired to. I feel good about myself, I want it to last a long time”she says in the columns of TV 7 Days. Her current love life is no stranger to her fulfillment, she who finally succumbed to the charms of his former colleague, William Leymergie.

“I did things I thought I couldn’t do.

Her romances have not always followed the path she hoped for, but she has fed on them to build the present. “I live with what made me, what made me grow and allowed me to discover unsuspected resources. I happened to find myself single without having planned it. And I was surprised! I did things I thought I couldn’ttold the mother of two young adultssource of inspiration for many women. And to add:I have been married, divorced, single, in love, abandoned. I fell in love again, when I thought it was over. And then again, everything fell apart… C’est la vie, it’s sinuous, but also incredible! She surprises me every day.“But this beautiful alchemy, still fragile, is far from being a done deal.

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