Firminy. Behind the scenes of the Laurent Voulzy concert at the Saint-Firmin church

Firminy. Behind the scenes of the Laurent Voulzy concert at the Saint-Firmin church

During a concert, each artist has their own needs in terms of equipment: sound system, lighting, control room, stage equipment, etc.

The organizer and his technical team must have this equipment at the place of the show, check that it is in working order and use it when the time comes. No show without technique!

What constraints to occur in a church?

“The first difficulty is the accesses which are not planned for, so we have to look for solutions, we always find but we have to adapt. »

“Laurent almost always has his box in the sacristies”

“We are also in a place dedicated to prayer, it is not necessarily planned for a show so we have to discuss with the parish, the town hall, it is less flexible than a Zenith for example.

Laurent has his box almost always in the sacristies. »

“Dismantling is faster, two hours is enough”

Which team to accompany the singer?

“There are eight of us: two sound technicians, a light technician and editors. We started at 1:30 p.m. and finish around 6 p.m., the dismantling is faster, two hours is enough. »

What is your job exactly ?

“Upstream, I organize our arrival: train tickets, hotel reservations, rental cars, meals…, I check that everything is working, we weigh the scales, check the lights…

The fog machine makes it possible to highlight the light, to draw its beams. We have a truck for the material and there are seven of us traveling by car. Everything is well run. »

We have to look for solutions, we always find but we have to adapt

Florent, general manager of the team

Laurent Voulzy, passionate about history and cathedrals

“Since adolescence I have been passionate about history and attracted by the mysteries that emanate from cathedrals. When I was offered to tour these places out of time I immediately accepted, it’s an adventure that has now lasted for more than three years with more than two hundred concerts to date.

The choice of songs is of course in resonance with the place and often has to do with spirituality, philosophy… By coming to churches, part of my usual audience follows me but also people who move perhaps because heard on the radio or television that I was performing in holy places. They are curious to discover this, other people come because it is close to their home, in their parish and then still others come by passion, there is always a very mystical side that attracts, “says the artist before his concert.

The evening began with the choir of the Sainte-Marie de Saint-Chamond college, then place the singer accompanied by his accomplice, Michel Amsellem, on keyboards and the singer and harpist, Suzanne Greene.

A church full to bursting which savored the volutes of the harp then the voice and the guitar of Voulzy: “Friends of Firminy, towns and villages around, good evening”, he smiles.

A more religious first hour with Trim , Jesus Where The Bay of Ants and nods to his dear brother, Alain Souchon.

The singer continued the evening with Joan , beautiful island at sea or Sweet night.

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