First book for Camille N. Isaacs Morell of Dorval

First book for Camille N. Isaacs Morell of Dorval

Author and artist Camille N. Isaacs Morell of Dorval will present her book Pastels and prose January 18 at 7 p.m Dorval Library.

IN Pastels and prose, Ms. Isaacs Morell brings together a collection of her images and the stories that inspired them. His bilingual prose and art take readers to memories of childhood in Jamaica, travels around the world and famous places in Dorval. Some of his stories are joyful, some humorous, some darker, but they all have a happy ending.

At the launch, Camille N. Isaacs Morell will read excerpts from her book in English and French. Coffee and desserts will be served. Entry is free and registration is not required.

Artistic journey

Ms. Isaacs Morell realized she was an artist in 1995 when, for the first time since high school, she enrolled in a drawing class at the Westmount Visual Arts Center. “From the first grade, I felt a release of inner tension, allowing a de facto rare experience of freedom of expression, the likes of which I had never known before,” she says.

Since then, Ms. Isaacs Morell has attended numerous visual arts courses and participated in numerous exhibitions. “Art reminds me that I can focus my attention on beauty and thus create beautiful canvases, bringing joy to other individuals.”

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