Fleurance: Gérard Pinson presents his latest poetry collection

Fleurance: Gérard Pinson presents his latest poetry collection

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Poet Gérard Pinson will sign his latest collection of poetry on November 12 at the Maison de la Presse.

Next Saturday, November 12, between 9 am and 12 pm, at the Maison de la Presse in Fleurance, Gérard Pinson will present and sign his fifth work of poetry entitled “Amour, Humor, Humeurs, etc…”. The previous four books captivated readers. The last one is of the same brand, with the addition of “something small”. The author devoted himself to writing for several decades, with a unanimously recognized talent. This writing takes place in his favorite garden: poetry. Poetry, which is currently perhaps less popular than prose texts, but which nevertheless remains a powerful generator of feelings and emotions. Thus, Gérard deals with all topics, primarily love, but also reveals social struggles such as the defense of minorities, women, and speaks out against injustice. He takes a firm stand, while at the same time remaining tolerant and respectful of opposing ideas.

Humor: the poet’s new common thread

Love, laughter, current social problems were the guiding threads of Gérard Pinson’s writing until then. He added one thing: humor! Gérard Pinson realized that poetry today needs to be democratized and not remain an esoteric domain. And so humor moved into the poet’s writing. Humor that created a vocabulary accessible to mere mortals, making poetry accessible to all. Gérard Pinson managed to create poetry that makes the reader laugh. It’s a real tour de force when you know that poetry in principle creates multiple feelings apart from laughter and humor. Another very pleasant surprise in this latest collection is the “wicked” poetry introduced by Gérard who cleverly incorporated some of La Fontaine’s fables. Thus, “Amour, Humor, Humeurs, etc…” with its 72 perfectly mastered songs in alexandrines or eights will delight readers with perfectly rhythmic and melodic poetry.

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