Florence. The third book fair promises to be extraordinary

Florence. The third book fair promises to be extraordinary

The show “Flourens à la ligne” will offer all-day roundtables on Sunday 27 November led by Jean-Antoine Loiseau in the village hall. As an introduction to these round tables, the actresses and comedians of the theater company Flourensoise Dose d’art’scenic will read aloud the books of the present authors.

How to populate the world?

With Olivier Bleys for his novel Antarctica, published by Gallimard, Alain Monnier and his Little Praise for Lovers of Occitanie, published by Privat, Jean-Luc Muscat for Au Fil du Lot, published by Le Mot et le Reste, Guillaume Sire for evocation of his new novel Les Contreforts by Calmann-Lévy and Juliette Mézenc for Cahiers de Bassolé, published by Waiting.

Meeting-reading. About the poetic works of Murièle Modély and Claude Sérillon Book an appointment in the editions of Atelier Baie and François Fontès s Quêtes et Enquêtes au cœur de la nature, in the company of Mathias Bonneau for his book Histoires d’un arbre published by Ulmer, Bertrand Chapuis who at the Institute Charles Cros-L’Harmattan publishes the work Mystère Néandertal à Bruniquel. Karine Guiton evoking Juliet and the lost birds published by Didier Jeunesse, Véronique Mure for her two books Conversations under the tree and Botanical Evasion published by Atelier Baie, Laurence Talairach for the Enquêtes au Museum collection in éd. Carrot pen.

Build a new alliance with the living. With Violaine Bérot publishing It’s Better There (Buchet-Chastel), Pascal Dessaint for So Far Everything’s Going Bad (La Déviation), Maëlle Kermabon and Lucie Yrles evoking the History of Helping Animals published by Plume de Carotte and Carina Louart for All the Ideas Are in Nature, written in collaboration with Laura Ancona (Actes Sud Junior) and Chantal Detcherry who evokes the Beautiful Inhabitants of the Universe (Passiflore).

Garden and art in all their states. In the company of Jean-Pierre Alaux for Marquayrol (Toute Latitude), Gwenaëlle Aubry who evokes Saint-Phalle in Monter en enfance chez Stock, Didier Goupil for Viva Frid (Triartis editions) and Arnaud Maurières for Manifeste du jardin emotional, co-author with Eric Ossart, and published by Plume de Carotte.

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