For Christmas, seven novels should not be hesitated to be offered to 6-year-old children

For Christmas, seven novels should not be hesitated to be offered to 6-year-old children

Surprising adventures, talking animals, repeated stories or love in CM2: children aged 6 to 10 have wonderful stories to read at the end of the year.

“Snow Story”, Madeleine Assas

Where do the words we discovered while reading the book disappear? What are they capable of? After one evening we devoured the story that takes place in Lapland, in the Far North, a very young reader, who lives in a place where the weather is almost always beautiful, wakes up in an unusual silence to find snowflakes swirling through her bedroom window. The following hours take him on a unique adventure. Did she dream it? With infinite delicacy, between realism and poetry, fiction and reality, Madeleine Assas wonderfully expresses the subtle power of books.

r Illustrations by Ella Coutance, edited by Actes Sud Junior, coll. Solo, 64 pages, €8.90. From 6 years old.

“Bonaventura and Company”, Alex Cousseau

At the beginning there are pictures in the shower, with a thousand and one details, of Charles Dutertre. An undisturbed forest where the flowers are as big as the trees, taller than the houses. Bonaventure Édredon, his cousin Susie (shrews) and their neighbors Salvador Tricotin (frog) and Piotr Opalkalovitch (earthworm) live there. Their names immediately indicate a poetic and eccentric note with which the imagination and words of Alex Cousseau will gladly resonate. The story jumps from question to question. Is it better to leave or stay? Bonaventura wonders who will solve this by adding wheels to his house. And we embark on a series of surprising adventures, with irresistible charm.
r Illustrations by Charles Dutertre, ed. from Rouergue, 80 pp., €13. From 7 years old.

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