For Harry Potter’s 25th anniversary, fans of the bespectacled wizard are treated to two Gers events

For Harry Potter’s 25th anniversary, fans of the bespectacled wizard are treated to two Gers events

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Every year Harry Potter fans participate in “Harry Potter Book Night”. Two Gers bookstores, in Samatan and Fleurance, organize special events. This year, for the 25th anniversary of the series, they put the dishes in large ones.

Live, for a few hours, the experience of Hogwarts School of Wizardry, with its robes, courses and houses. In Gers, the biggest fans of Harry Potter did not miss the annual “Harry Potter Book Night”, which was initiated by Gallimard, especially since this year marks the 25th anniversary of the release of the first volume of the adventures of the bespectacled wizard. Two bookstores of the department participate in this event and organize events for avid readers. And two evenings are already sold out, with a waiting list.

So this Thursday, February 2, La Méridienne de Fleurance is offering, for the first time, wizards 10 and over to “pick up their wands, glasses and uniforms” and “get on your Nimbus 2000” to fly to the book of shops. “We will divide the 24 participants into four groups, which correspond to four houses, specifies Ariadna Jarda, an employee of the Fleurantine bookstore. They will do group activities, and then everyone will play a quiz individually.” The program also includes a masking contest and snacks.

Readings and cinema

Then it will be the turn of La Librairie buissonnière de Samatan to be decked out in the colors of Hogwarts on Saturday 4th February. An event that managers have been repeating every year for several years. “When people arrive, they will wear a sorting hat, so they know which house they are placed in,” explains Magali Moscovici, co-director. Readings, book quizzes and games will then take place during this evening, to which participants are also invited to come in costume. “That way I can put myself in the shoes of one of the characters of my favorite book, assures Magali Moscovici. Harry Potter has put many children on the path to reading”.

And in order to extend this thematic evening, the Samatan cinema planned to show the second part of the series “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” at 9 pm, to celebrate these 25 years of magic.

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