For Netflix, Omar Sy will play the first black samurai! – News Series

For Netflix, Omar Sy will play the first black samurai! – News Series

Following his contract signed with the streaming platform, Omar Sy landed a new role for a Netflix series. In this adaptation of “Yasuke”, the Frenchman will play the first black samurai!

Nothing can stop Omar Sy. After his agreement signed with Netflix to develop new projects, the actor landed the first role of Yasuke, the live action adaptation of the animated series of the same name, also available on the platform.

The star of Lupin and Intouchables will play a rare role: a slave who became Japan’s first black samurai. This man really existed and was erected into a true legend in Japanese history.

Composed of 5 episodes, the series will be produced by Omar Sy himself, but also by the companies of Shawn Levy – who also produces Stranger Things – and actor Forest Whitaker. Nick Jones Jr., already author on the animated version, will write the scripts for the episodes.

If the animated series flirts with the fantastic, this new reading will be a more faithful adaptation to the true story of the samurai. The program will notably focus on his friendship with military leader Oda Nabunaga. The latter is known to be the first warrior to have used firearms in Japan.

In a press release shared by The Hollywood ReporterOmar Sy explains: “Yasuke has been inspiring me for some time. With this superb team we will create a remarkable series on what it means to be an African samurai in Japanese history. The action sequences promise to be phenomenal and ingenious.”

Yasuke’s adaptation adds to Omar Sy’s long list of future projects. While he has just shot season 3 of Lupin – scheduled for Netflix soon – he will also be starring in the remake of The Killer, John Woo’s action classic. A film planned for the Peacock platform.

Yasuke, soon on Netflix.

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