Forrest Gump: this famous actor who said no to the film and who bitterly regrets it

Forrest Gump: this famous actor who said no to the film and who bitterly regrets it

The role of Forrest Gump brought Tom Hanks six awards and several million dollars. However, other actors were approached for the famous role. And one of them bitterly regrets having said no.

Who says Christmas period obviously says christmas movies ! Like every year, television channels offer viewers the opportunity to rewatch or discover cult films from the end-of-year holiday period. Obviously there is to the saga Harry Potter, whose full secrets have been revealed to muggles. But there are also the unbeatable films of the troupe of Gorgeouswhose irreplaceable Santa Clause is garbage. A film codenamed “Les Bronzés celebrate Christmas”, whose character of Zézette was inspired by a “neighborhood lady”.

Like every year, Holidays is broadcast on television, without forgetting love in fact or the two parts of Mom ! I missed the plane, who each time explode with laughter in the cottages. And this Tuesday, December 27, it is with another cinema classic that the French have an appointment: Forrest Gump. It was in 1994 that the film signed by Robert Zemeckis landed in dark theaters. A cult feature film directly inspired by the eponymous book by Winston Groom, published in 1986.

Which actor turned down the role of Forrest Gump?

The story is that of Forrest Gump, a simple-minded character who will experience extraordinary things. From the Vietnam War to watergate scandalto the creation of a shrimp business, to his return to Alabama and his famous running race across the United States, Forrest Gump has lived a thousand lives. And it is to tom hank that the role was given. The actor delivered a masterful performance which allowed him to win six awards including a Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Actor. Yet another consecration for the actor, already rewarded for Big and Philadelphia.

And yet, Tom Hanks wasn’t the first actor tipped for the role. In reality, Robert Zemeckis had first thought of Bill Murray as well as John Travolta. The latter had refused the title role and had bitterly regretted it. “Declining the role of Forrest Gump was a big mistake”, would have declared the actor according to remarks reported by Allocinated. She runs, she runs, disappointment!

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