Four new books that you can discover in the editions of De Borée

Four new books that you can discover in the editions of De Borée

Resistance in action

Sylvie Pouliquen and Jean-Paul Paireault publish Resistance in action in Editions De Borée. The first, the daughter of a resistance fighter, runs the house-museum of René Descartes, in the south of Indre et Loire, the second was a journalist, whose career was crowned with international awards. He has forty books behind him. For this book, he continued his patient work on collecting in museums.

Resistance in action paying tribute to the men and women who made a resolute commitment, the book focuses on prominent figures of the time and on maquis such as Vercors, Limousin and the Massif Central. There is talk of raids, fake documents, airdrops, FFI…

A book that chronologically covers the years 1940-1945, until the liberation, with exceptional illustrations with photographs of the time, tracts, posters, printed matter, manuscripts and also many well-documented inserts. A book between the past and the present that ultimately calls for much-needed vigilance even today (224 pages, €29.95).

Chronicles of Wyoming, a year in the Rocky Mountains

De Borée also takes us away from the massif central, to the wide open spaces of the American West Chronicles of Wyoming, a year in the Rocky Mountains, under the leadership of Auvergne Claude Poulet who signs the texts and photographs. The foreword to the book was written by his friend Thierry Lhermitte, who spent a few days with him in these mountains.

It is available from June to May, throughout the seasons, in 12 richly illustrated chapters. Poulet lived for a year in a cabin at an altitude of 2,500 meters, surrounded by extraordinary landscapes, but also a wealth of wild animals, with his 4 mustangs as company. He observed and photographed a world where nature decides everything, “she gives, she takes, she teaches us” (224 pages, €29.90).

The Crazy Life of the Duchess of Napoleon

Laure Permon, Duchess of Abrantès, has already inspired many books. Gilles de Becdelièvre, who loves history and especially the 18th and 19th centuries, signs The Crazy Life of the Duchess of Napoleon, in the Winds of History collection. He explains to us that the lady, whose fate was modeled after the fate of Napoleon 1st, met a life made up of a series of excesses and craziness. She was frivolous, spendthrift and a very free socialite, who drives her husband crazy. She was Balzac’s lover and dreamed of a literary career (she successfully wrote Memoirs, started a literary salon), but ended up in poverty.

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De Becdelièvre’s book is documented, awake, revealing an era. The reader has no time for boredom (348 pages, €20).

Escape the lost paths

Clermontois Christian Vialle betrays Escape the lost paths, a novel that focuses on the fate of a 40-year-old man who decides to change his life, giving up his job, partner, and house. He has no specific goal, he lets his questions give meaning to his life. Vialle resonates past and present through the notebook that belonged to the novel’s hero’s grandfather. Christian Vialle establishes bridges with the past and finally composes a novel that is well attuned to our time, with distance and depth. (176 pages, €18).

Corine Valade cultivates a sense of history in “Le jardinier du fort”

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