Francky Vincent named… Knight of Arts and Letters

Francky Vincent named… Knight of Arts and Letters

It is a rather unexpected recognition, which comes to gratify the long career of Francky Vincent. That of a man who passed after his arrival in France hundreds of thousands of discs. With songs that are explicit to say the least, hits such as “You want my zizi”, “Alice it slides” or even “Fruits de la passion”.

The singer, now 66, was recently named Knights of Arts and Letters. Information, published by a ministerial decree on November 25went relatively unnoticed, until our colleagues from La Première, dedicated to the Overseas Territories, ended up relaying it.

450 knights were appointed

This appointment is far from being anecdotal. “This order is intended to reward people who have distinguished themselves by their creations in the artistic or literary field or by the contribution to the influence they have made to the influence of Arts and Letters in France and in the world”, perhaps we read in the conditions of attribution.

The Order of Arts and Letters is one of four ministerial orders, along with the Order of Academic Palms, the Order of Agricultural Merit and the Order of Maritime Merit. It was instituted on May 2, 1957. It comprises three grades. The various promotions are thus composed of a contingent of 50 commanders, 140 officers and 450 knights.

It is up to the Council of the Order to study the various candidates. Because yes, you have to apply to be appointed. The 15 members who compose it then define the list of personalities that it considers worthy of being distinguished by one of the three gratifications. The list is then submitted to the Minister of Culture, the only person with the power to appoint.

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