François Alu confides in the filming of A Sunday in the Country

François Alu confides in the filming of A Sunday in the Country

When celebrities go green! This Sunday, January 29, Frederic Lopez offers a new issue of A Sunday in the countryside on France 2. In this episode, the host receives three new personalities: the singer Chimene Badi, who recently announced her separation from her partnerthe comedian Michel Boujenah and the former star dancer of the Paris Opera, Francois Alu. To pay Tele-Leisurethe juror of Dance with the stars evokes the filming of the show but also his relationship with the press people and his first solo-on-stage baptized Completely thrown away on stage at the Olympia. Interview…

A Sunday in the countryside was a very refreshing moment thanks to Frédéric Lopez”

Tele-Leisure : Why did you agree to participate in the show?

Francois Alu: It’s always interesting to try new experiences and meet new people. Basically, I did not know the program. I learned that Michel Boujenah and Chimène Badi would also be present. I obviously knew them by reputation. It was therefore an opportunity to meet them in person.

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This show is a sort of parenthesis in your busy schedule. How did you experience filming?

The recording took place at the beginning of December. It was a very refreshing moment thanks in particular to Frédéric Lopez. In addition to being a good presenter and an excellent interviewer, he managed to create a haven of peace. We all put our phones aside. I just sent a message to my relatives to tell them not to worry because I will not be reachable for 24 hours (He’s laughing) We laughed a lot on the boat when we arrived. The show is exciting because everyone talks about themselves, their journey, their injuries and the lessons they have learned from them. It makes you grow.

I have been seeing a psychologist for 7 years”

In A Sunday in the countrysidethe guests often reveal little-known aspects of their lives. Is it easy to tell stories in front of cameras?

The goals didn’t bother me at all! I’m pretty comfortable with who I am, with my life and what I think. I have been seeing a psychologist for 7 years so I usually talk about certain events from my past. I am also lucky to be fulfilled in my life today. I remained authentic during filming so I don’t regret anything I said.

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What sequence was the most striking for you during the filming?

There were some very strong moments, especially with Chimene Badi. She shed a few tears as she recalled certain periods of her life. It really touched me. She struggled but she stayed strong. She is a combative woman and she is a very good example for all people in difficulty. Michel Boujenah also returned to his sometimes tumultuous life. The obstacles he faced echoed what I experienced. It was really exciting.

“Chimene Badi had a hard time but she remained strong”

Doing this show with Michel Boujenah and Chimène Badi must have brought you closer to them. Have you kept in touch?

Indeed, the show has allowed us to establish a link, we have sent each other a few messages since the end of filming and I would be delighted to find them on another show or even over a coffee.

You are increasingly popular with the general public. Are you comfortable with your privacy being exposed?

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I am very attached to this famous expression which says “Let’s live happily, live hidden”. It is important that everyone has their privacy. I therefore only expose what could have helped me when I was younger, what would have been necessary for me to know in order to grow. On the other hand, if I am asked questions that are too intimate, there is no problem, but I immediately say that I will not answer them. I know the gossip sold but I don’t find it interesting. It doesn’t do anyone any good.

Do gossip about your love life in the gossip press annoy you?

No, and to be honest, I don’t read that kind of press. My entourage was able to do it at the beginning but not anymore. Since confinement and seeing a psychologist, I have completely detached myself from what people think. It doesn’t matter what they say about me and what they say about my life. If it makes them happy, let them do it. I know who I am and my loved ones too. That’s enough.

“I don’t know yet if there will be a new season of Dance with the stars

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You were sworn to Dance with the stars in the previous two seasons. If the production contacts you again this year, will you agree to resume your role?

I don’t know yet if there will be a new season. All I can tell you is that I’m on good terms with the production. I already have a lot of projects going on so let’s wait and see if the show will come back first. If so, we will discuss it when the time comes. For the moment, I don’t have anything planned for TV but on the other hand I have writing, cinema and dance projects. I welcome it.

On February 5, you will perform at the Olympia with your first solo performance, called Complètements thrown. Not too stressed at the idea of ​​performing in this mythical venue?

I am rather calm because I am surrounded by an extraordinary team. I feel like a boxer before entering the ring. I know where I’m going and I stay focused on what I have to do. I will inevitably have a little apprehension a few moments before entering the stage but everything will disappear once under the spotlights. I am really touched by what is happening to me. We filled the Olympia in less than two months: it’s crazy! We are also going to play in Caen on April 2 and in Montpellier on June 2, two dates that I am looking forward to. I started in rooms with 100 seats and today they have more than 2000, I think that’s great. It’s a nice development.

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