Frédéric Lopez intransigent: this rule imposed on his guests in the program Un dimanche à la campagne

Frédéric Lopez intransigent: this rule imposed on his guests in the program Un dimanche à la campagne

This Sunday, January 8, 2023, the show A Sunday in the countryside will, as every week, be broadcast from 4:55 p.m. on France 2. Frederic Lopez will receive comedian Jeff Panacloc as well as the singers Savior Adam and Joyce Jonathan. The three celebrities will come to join him in an isolated house in the forest, where he welcomes all his guests, to spend an intimate moment. Above all, they will have to apply a very strict rule imposed by the 55-year-old presenter during each shoot.

Indeed, Frédéric Lopez asks his guests to get rid of their cell phone. Object that he then puts away in a box before giving them back once the stay is over. The idea? Avoid distractions to capture all the attention of his interlocutors. “We are all addicted to our phones even when we don’t want to. For many celebrities, it’s strange to get rid of their phones. During filming, there was a kind of guilt for some to give up millions followers, but everyone thinks it feels goodhas explained the father of the family to our colleagues from Pure Media.

“It’s symbolic to do this on television”

Frédéric Lopez seems particularly attached to this important tradition in his eyes.For me, it’s symbolic to do this on televisionbecause it’s a way of telling viewers: ‘Try and see'”he confided, before calling on each of us to “take control” from time to time in front of our phones. “When we do it, we are much more attentive to what we feel, to others. It also gives this effect on the show, it is perhaps one of the other reasons for the success of the show. ’emission”esteemed the one who has came out in 2016.

The former host of Meeting in unknown land went on to reveal that guests weren’t really deprived of their cellphones throughout filming. “The phone is not locked in the box. It’s symbolic. In the evening, everyone does what they want. Often, some picked up their phone to send a little message to their family”he assured.

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