Fréderic Murat, the co-founder of is recognized in record time in Patron Incognito (VIDEO)

Fréderic Murat, the co-founder of is recognized in record time in Patron Incognito (VIDEO)

Unheard of in more than ten years of existence of Incognito boss on M6! In the new issue which will be broadcast this Monday, January 16, 2023, Frédéric Murat, the co-founder of, one of the leaders in home delivery, played the game of immersion to share the daily life of his employees. Except that his cover, that of a certain Stéphane, future manager of a delivery site in training, was very quickly discovered by Dawid, a real courier. Exclusively, Tele-Leisure invites you to preview the video extract, at the top of the article.

The facts happened during the first immersion in Paris. It must be said that Frédéric, alias Stéphane, gives his employee a valuable clue from the start by entrusting him with his passion for flea markets. “Frédéric Murat may be making a mistake. Because the boss is known to be an amateur second-hand dealer“, explains the voice-over of the program produced by Endemol France.

I’m sure you’re Fred!“, launches the employee to the boss of

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That’s all it takes for Dawid to take a closer look at the face of his colleague for a day and detect a confusing resemblance – despite the makeover – with her boss. “Your name is Fred. Fred Murat“, launches the courier. “Who is Fred Murat?“Frederic Murat’s denial is not, however, likely to disturb Dawid.”I’m sure you’re Fred! I saw your tattoo too…“, supports the employee. The tattoo in question is none other than that of the companythat the immersion boss wears above the knee. Wearing shorts and a small injury a few moments earlier, which forced him to raise his clothes, will have been fatal to the boss of On January 9, Georges Elkouby, the leader of Isotoner, had also suffered an injury in the program.

A boss who is unmasked in a few minutes: in the history of the show Incognito bossThis is unheard of“, comments the voice-over. Very quickly, Frédéric Murat is obliged to explain to his employee. “I also did this for fun. You never see me on the pitch and I need that!“.

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A new immersion in “incognito” mode to compensate

Fortunately for viewers of Incognito bossthe production resorts to a fallback solution by calling on another Parisian employee, Mohammed, for a new immersion with the boss of the undercover company. Muhammad’s mission? Officially, train a future courier for a discovery day. A new sequence that will not be easy for Frédéric Murat and his employee, as the public will discover on Monday January 16 from 9:10 p.m. on M6.

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