Frédérique (Love is in the meadow): this announcement which is likely to make people happy

Frédérique (Love is in the meadow): this announcement which is likely to make people happy

An absence that surprised many viewers. This Monday, January 30, fans of Love is in the meadow have met of the first farmers of the 18th season of the field program. In the second part of the evening, the public was able to find former candidates and emblematic couples came to comment on the portraits new singles in the show love seen from the meadow. And Jerome and Lucile again lent themselves to the game of this preview screening, another couple agreed to participate for the very first time. Inseparable since their love at first sight during the previous edition, Guillaume and Noëmie discovered farmers in search of a soul mate.

However, an iconic couple of the history of Love is in the meadow was missing subscribers. Great regulars of this television meeting for many years, Frédérique and Pierre did not comment on the first seven portraits. Since then, a wind of panic blew on social networks. Distraught at not seeing the couple, who just celebrated their nine years of marriageInternet users expressed their concerns to the mother of little Gabriel. From then on, Frédérique took to her Instagram story to tell them news that is likely to reassure them. “You were very numerous last night to write to us and to worry!”she wrote in the preamble of a photo of a shoot. Before continuing with genuine enthusiasm: “Love seen from the meadow ‘portraits’ with us, it’s next Monday”. Indeed, Frédérique and Pierre will again sit on their sofa to carefully follow the presentation of the last farmers of this new season, on Monday, February 6. As the saying goes, you don’t change a winning team!

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Two former suitors make their return in Love seen from the meadow

This evening of love seen from the meadow was placed under the sign of surprise returns! Jean’s unhappy suitor, Nathalie was invited to participate in the show. If she agreed to comment on the program, the 56-year-old maintenance worker also returned to her participation in reality TV. “My experience, I lived it well, I didn’t question myself because I know how I am in lifedid she say. And emotionally, where is she? Has she found love since Jean? “It’s calm, I haven’t met anyone, and then frankly, I’m not searching. I’m waiting for it to come by itself”. And to follow the first appearance of the new farmers on the small screen, this karaoke enthusiast was accompanied from another season 17 contestant. Indeed, Jean-Noël, suitor of Alain, shared this moment with the one we nicknamed Chouchou. The two new accomplices formed a sick duo.

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