Fright on the mountain, a climber is attacked by a bear

Fright on the mountain, a climber is attacked by a bear

On the island of Kyūshū in Japan, a man was attacked by a bear while climbing a small mountain. He unveiled the images on Youtube.

The meeting could have turned into a tragedy. While climbing Mount Futago on the island of Kyūshū, southern Japan, a man was violently attacked by a bear on 1is last October. In a video posted on Youtube on October 5, the climber revealed the terrifying images he filmed using an on-board camera placed on his helmet.

He was descending a rocky ridge when the animal charged him. With one hand, he managed to push him away, causing him to fall below. But the beast attempted to charge again, forcing him to use his fists and feet. In the footage, he can be seen hitting the bear repeatedly, while screaming in fear and rage. After 30 seconds of combat, the bear resigned itself to leaving again in the vegetation as quickly as it arrived.

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The climber said he was “sorry” for invading his territory. “Looking at the video, it looks to me like he attacked to protect his cub,” he said. He escaped with scratches on his hands and a small sprain on his right wrist. His learning karate as a child probably saved his life.

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