“From childhood, I had to drink 30 or 40 Coca-Cola a day”

“From childhood, I had to drink 30 or 40 Coca-Cola a day”

On the occasion of Dry January, the month without alcohol, the former first lady returned to her various addictions During his life : sugar, alcohol and cigarettes. “I suffered from all the addictions,” she says.

In the podcast Counter-addictions released on January 5, the singer claimed to have had her first addiction “from childhood”with the sugar: “I had to drink 30 or 40 Coke per day. I didn’t eat a normal meal, I only ate Pulmoll pastilles (sweet pastilles), for example five boxes, or three boxes of Valda and four cokes, that was my meal.”

The model said she continued with the tobacco in mid-teens:Everyone smoked in my familyso they couldn’t say anything,” but confessed “to practically quitting smoking.” The former first lady also said to have stopped thealcoholwhile younger, “it wasn’t that I was drinking every day, it was that I was drowning every day,” she explained. And to add: “I really got into the habit of living sober”

Regarding her husband, the former president Nicolas Sarkozyshe said her addiction was cycling: “It is 60 terminals and it comes back: no problem. It gives him a heart of steel, at 67 it’s like he’s 40, what’s the problem?

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