“From my 15 to my 17 years, I was manipulated, harassed morally and sexually”

“From my 15 to my 17 years, I was manipulated, harassed morally and sexually”

“From my 15 to my 17 years, I was manipulated, harassed morally and sexually”

French singer and musician Claire Pommet aka Pomme, poses during a photo shoot on February 3, 2020. (Photo by Martin BUREAU / AFP) (Photo by MARTIN BUREAU/AFP via Getty Images)

All universes have been touched by the #MeToo movement and music is no exception. Apple, invited this Saturday, November 5 on the Star Academy set, is one of those who denounced the violence suffered. Difficult words, but necessary to prevent this kind of action from happening again.

Of Pirate’s heart at Barbara Pravimany artists have spoken out over the years about the moral and sexual harassment they have faced in the music world. The showbusiness community has been particularly singled out since the start of the #MeToo movement, no doubt since it is so publicized. But for those concerned, speaking out on such topics is always difficult.

Video. Singer Apple tells where her nickname comes from

The poignant open letter from Pomme

In 2021, it is in writing that the young singer Apple decided to tell his story. It must be said that the young woman was still a minor at the material time, as she explained in an open letter published just before the “Victoires de la musique”, in the columns of Mediapartand in which she describes her “coming into the music industry” as “traumatic”. “From my 15 to my 17 years, I was manipulated, harassed morally and sexually, without being aware of it at that time obviously. I was the object of someone, shaped according to their fantasies and psychological deviations”, she writes.

Violence that went through a lack of choice on many levels, criticism, humiliation … In short, things that are reminiscent of what Britney Spears may have suffered at the time of her tutelage: “ I didn’t choose anything about my life (behaviours, dating), my appearance (clothing, makeup, hair removal), or the artistic direction of my own fledgling musical project at the time.”

She wants to speak so that silence no longer reigns

Today, Apple is aware of it: “I was manipulated to the point of completely losing confidence in myself, confidence so feverish at that age. Being a 30-year-old adult facing a 16-year-old teenager and breaking her . Succeed in making her believe that she is the problem, by sexualizing her, by belittling her, by controlling her. Leaving walking with both feet on the debris of a destroyed sanity. Never giving another news.

His time at the “Star Academy”, with young artists who are about to start in the world of showbusiness, is anything but trivial. She should be able to give them advice so that they don’t fall into the same traps she did in the past. “From where I am, I decided to say things. To no longer let fear reign, fear of what, I don’t even know,” she confided to Médiapart. A necessary act for make the showbusiness environment more secure for women, and young artists in general.

Recently, it is also in a new letter written to the teenager that she was that Apple returned to this difficult period: “If I could, I would like a moment, a very small moment, to hug your tiny, broken body from the year 2014-2015, because you don’t realize it, but you’re completely broken and you pretend that you can face this alone, you don’t even understand what’s wrong. always want to believe that you don’t need anyone”, she regrets before specifying: “But now, I am learning to respect myself, to accept the limits of what my body and my head can do, I try anyway. The perfectionism that used to destroy you still lives somewhere in my stomach, but I know how to tell it to calm down, shut its big mouth and sleep when I’m sick of it.” A great step forward, even if she admits to feeling overwhelmed by “sexism, racism, inequalities and discrimination, everything that goes wrong in 2022.” Proof that the fight is not over yet.

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