“From Nowhere” by Claire…

“From Nowhere” by Claire…

It’s a story about twins, and it starts badly: they are found by babies on the street, entrusted to public assistance, and then separated. We follow the less fortunate of the two, Antoine. After a happy time, childcare takes over. What follows are years of horror between homes and foster families where violence and abuse reign.

The author investigated these structures in order to condemn these facts, and we measure with horror the reality of what many “placed” children experience. Antoine, now a young adult, wants to manage with the law he is studying and the odd jobs that support him. But the debts are piling up. Then his double arrives at his door, to whom everything is given, actually his twin: Raphaël. Hope for a better life will be born from this encounter. I can’t say more than that from this moment on every page is an astonishment. From twist to twist, the story and characters advance where we least expect them. Until the last page, unimaginable. The characters are strong, the psychology is very elaborate. An absolute pleasure to read. After the book is finished, you will have only one desire: to discover everything about this author and, I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Out of nowhere, Claire Favan, edited by Harper Collins, 368 pages, €20.90.


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