“From the bottom of my heart”: Anisha’s declaration of love (Star Academy) to her audience

“From the bottom of my heart”: Anisha’s declaration of love (Star Academy) to her audience

Sunday December 18, on Instagram, Anisha sent a message to her fans, to her admirers who allowed her to win the Star Academy. “THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart”she wrote on the social network. A beautiful statement.

She captured the hearts of viewers. Over the weeks, Anisha became one of the favorites of the public of the tenth season of the star academy. Saturday, December 26, she found herself in the final against Enola, Léa and Louis. The last two were eliminated in the first part of the evening, then Enola bowed to Anishacrowned telecrochet winner with 57% of the votes, just that. It was a big surprise »Anisha commented in an interview with puremedias the day after his victory. And to add: “I felt full of joy, emotions, gratitude and recognition. Beyond victory, at that moment, I thought of all the people who voted for me. I felt a lot of love for them because they trusted me, they supported me throughout the adventure. » And she does them well.

Your words pierced my heart, and touched me deeply.”

Since she left the castle of Dammaries-les-Lys, Anisha keeps expressing her appreciation to her audience on social medialike Sunday, December 18. “I have finished reading the letters that were delivered to me from the castle on your way out. And I want to tell you again and again: THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart »wrote the winner of the star academy in his story. And to add: “Thank you for the love and strength you give me. Thank you for believing in me, much more than I would have believed in myself. Thank you for everything. Thank you for having listened to me and for having heard me for several songs. Thank you very much for all the support. I love you very, very much. Your words pierced my heartand deeply touched me, because thanks to them, I realize that through this adventure, my message has passed: love and not only, there is also hope, courage and faith. » A beautiful message.


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