Future ‘annoyed’ that Drake released an album with 21 Savage

Future ‘annoyed’ that Drake released an album with 21 Savage

The rapper simply upset?

The confidence is signed NORE: Future would not have appreciated Drake’s initiative to publish a joint album with 21 Savage.

Future stung?

The veteran NORE may be unable to confirm the veracity of the facts, he relies on a few noises from the corridors that he was able to grasp on the fly: Hendrix would have been “annoyed” by the exit of His losseither this joint project between Drake and 21 Savage having won widespread public approval. One of the faces of Drink Champs will explain having heard that the interpreter of Without mask would have had little taste for this joint initiative, since he himself published a project with the 6 God in 2015, the very successful What a time to live : “I’ve heard a rumor that Future isn’t exactly thrilled about this joint Drake/21 Savage album, which would make the joint Drake/Future album less important. These are rumors, I haven’t heard it from Future or Drake or 21, but that’s what’s being said lately. »

NORE added that he understands Future’s supposed point of view, given that most top artists generally avoid multiple joint albums: “We never saw Jay-Z do another Best of Both Worlds. We got Watch the Throne, but it made more sense. » He will conclude by welcoming the initiative of Champagne Papi, which has made it possible to highlight the talent of 21 Savage a little more: “We owe a big up to Drake, because for me, he understands how important he is for the culture […] and it puts 21 Savage on another level. Even though he was probably already at that level, he puts him on the level of Future. »

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