Future dreams of getting married

Future dreams of getting married

Assuming its reputation as “Toxic King”, Coming would still want to formalize things with the next woman in his life.

Future, a husband ready to assume?

In a river interview granted to Billboard, the interpreter of Without mask will have taken the time to pour out on many subjects, from his ambitions to join the club of billionaires to his desires for marriage. In all seriousness, Future would now be ready to officially unite: “If I was married, home with my kids, man, things would be different. It’s a life I’ve never known. It’s something I dream of. It’s one of my dreams. » However, he should not realize this ambition in the near future, because of his current lifestyle: “It’s easy for other people, but for me, it’s just, man, this rock star life, it doesn’t go together. […] I dedicate my whole life to my fans, I dedicate my life to music. Everything I have, I put into the music. And the outcome is still to be determined. »

He will return to this idea of ​​marriage later: “I dream of it, and it’s something I want. I swear I’d probably choose the wrong woman for me if I just jumped from relationship to relationship. You never know how some things happen in relationships, with love, marriage, and being under the same roof as your children while other children don’t live with you. It’s just a whole different lifestyle that I haven’t even had a chance to experience. But I know it’s something I’d love to experience, and when the time comes, I know I’ll be prepared. I want to make sure that I will fully live this experience. But I don’t really think about that stuff, like having a wife and all that. But I want a wife. Everyone around me wants me to have a wife. »

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