GAP RÉFÉRENCEMENT shares its knowledge and experience by creating white papers for carpentry professionals

GAP RÉFÉRENCEMENT shares its knowledge and experience by creating white papers for carpentry professionals

GAP RÉFÉRENCEMENT, a community network dedicated to carpentry professionals, creates a series of “White Papers”. Sharing knowledge and experiences is at the heart of this unique approach in the sector. A way to demonstrate to future members your ability to support them on a daily basis to better structure their business and become more profitable.

This initiative is the brainchild of network leader Jordan Khalifa and CEO of Concept Ouvert. The idea for the white paper germinated while he was speaking on the professional network LINKEDIN.

Jordan Khalifa is true to himself, simple, approachable, attentive and above all professional. After several posts oriented on different carpentry topics, he feels great interest and certain expectations from all carpentry experts and suppliers. The need for listening, exchange and a mix of opinions where everyone can express their professional vision.

This way of working has become a reflex since the summer (it seems that the building closes in August…) when he starts writing 2, then 3, then 5 posts a week, dealing with topics that delight the profession, but also those that grind your teeth…

“We are an open source network where every member expresses, exchanges, shares so that we all progress together. These white papers reflect the spirit of the GAP REFERENCE network, i.e. simple advice that anyone can apply”.

After sales service, first white paper

For this first white paper there is no room for chance, the choice is supported by the community who mostly votes for the topic of after sales service. It is known that after-sales service and carpentry do not go together. However, if perfection does not exist, being better is always the goal of GAP REFERENCE.

In this sense, readers will discover the vision of the network when they read our approach to after-sales services. There is no desire to give lessons, just to share advice and experience that works and applies to every company in the sector.

In the program, 4 main chapters on after-sales services:

  • Internal after sales service
  • Statement on after-sales service
  • After sales processing
  • Principles that must be respected in dealing with after-sales service

Of course, this white paper is anything but set in stone, it’s meant to evolve with feedback from our members and new tools. However, the information will remain simple and easily applicable in the business world.

The white paper can be downloaded for free from the network’s website

Two more white papers are planned for early 2023

While the first White Paper on After Sales Services will be launched as the holidays approach as a “nice little gift” for all carpentry professionals, two other White Papers are in the process of being written.

The second opus should be dedicated to “Customer Order Management”, and the third to “Logistics Management”. Two big themes at the heart of mill efficiency that help companies become more profitable.

In addition to the promise, the white paper is another proof of the desire of the GAP RÉFÉRENCEMENT network to best support its members, proven managers or young entrepreneurs: better structure, better buying, better selling for better profitability.

“This white paper is one hell of a life experience. I have been in the business for 14 years and even though I am an introverted manager, I have always liked to listen and share with my teams, but also with all my carpentry colleagues. It is the first wealth of an entrepreneur.

Everyone has their own opinion, but the desire to keep data only for personal use is contradictory to my vision as an entrepreneur, especially when you are advocating the values ​​of the network. The white paper is the realization of my vision, my beliefs in this system to be stronger together. I have no desire to dictate rules, but only “common sense” where every leader or manager will find his inspiration. These are easy things to reproduce once everyone is free to put their paws on it!

Whether it’s about after-sales service, trade, logistics or other business topics, I describe my experience and my working methods modestly and transparently, and that’s how I look. By reading these white papers, you will really know what the real values ​​of the GAP REFERENCE network are and you will have the desire or not to join us, each in his own way, but with us it is undoubtedly more noticeable » .

Jordan Khalifa, Head of GAP RÉFÉRENCEMENT & Concept Ouverte.

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