GARD Bernard Déliane presents a raw novel with protest sauce

GARD Bernard Déliane presents a raw novel with protest sauce

The author signs his book on Monday January 23 from 6 pm at Gard O Vin, the market in Nîmes, with the participation of Mas Carlot des Costières.

Bernard Déliane now lives in Nîmes. He spent the first thirty years of his life in Perpignan. Worse ETA! is his first novel, appears in Name7.

Bernard Deliane (photo number 7). • Jean-Michel Rillon

In the early 1970s, General Franco’s dictatorship had only a few short years of survival ahead of it. In these “lead years”, political tensions and violence have never been more intense, especially in the Basque Country.

Book (Photo by Anthony Maurin).

Gérard, an extreme left-wing activist, engaged in activism on the border between Spain and legality. Thirteen years later, when he distanced himself from politics, his youthful years caught up with him. What if this past has driven him beyond reason?

(Photo by Anthony Maurin).

«He lived too much in his own world, a sterile and absurd world in which the sea had no voice but to make a noise, in which life resounded, without him being able to realize that it was, since the beginning of time, the hideous riddle of the universe. that would never find an answer.»

(Photo by Anthony Maurin).

Up ETA!glued square back 148cmx210cm, 248 pages published from December 2022 for €18.50 or €8.99 in e-book.

Anthony Maurin

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