George Clooney quiz: do you know the star of Ocean’s Eleven? – Cinema news

George Clooney quiz: do you know the star of Ocean’s Eleven? – Cinema news

His TV series, his films, his awards, his privileged partners and even his saucepans: will you be able to do a faultless job on George Clooney’s career?

Released this Wednesday, October 5 in France, Ticket to Paradise is an event in more ways than one. Already because it marks the great return of George Clooney in our dark rooms, six years after Money Monster by Jodie Foster, where he already gave the reply to Julia Roberts, his partner in the romantic comedy signed Ol Parker, where two former spouses will put their differences aside to try to prevent the marriage of their daughter.

But the actor of Ocean’s Eleven and its sequels has not been idle during these six years of absence in French theaters: we saw him in the new Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 11/9, released directly on VOD. He directed and performed the Catch-22 series as well as the Netflix film Midnight in the Universe, before going behind the camera once again with The Tender Bar, available on Prime Video since the beginning of the year.

His big comeback therefore gives us the opportunity to test you on the career of the actor, director and producer. Do you think you are unbeatable? Prove it right away!

Revealed on the small screen in the heart of the 90s, George Clooney almost burned his wings in the Batman costume. But he was able to regain control very quickly, thanks to his meeting with Steven Soderbergh, who offered him some of his greatest public and critical successes. And undoubtedly counted in his decision to work behind the camera, as a director and producer.

Even if it is a little rarer today, George Clooney remains an emblematic figure of Hollywood and continues to make the event. It should still be the same in the next film by Jon Watts, of which he will be one of the headliners, since he will find a certain… Brad Pitt there.

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