Gers: a musical educational project brings together 250 students from the department

Gers: a musical educational project brings together 250 students from the department

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Seven schools in the Gers are coming together this year to organize a song and dance show on the theme “Real world, virtual world” under the Dôme de Gascogne. They launched an online kitty to help them finance this musical event.

The teachers have been working on their musical project for several months now: a choir of more than a hundred students accompanied by professional musicians in partnership with the Gaëlle Curto dance school. “It all started, fifteen years ago, from the desire to create a link between music and choir for children in the 3rd cycle”, explains Patricia Pujol, professor of musical education at the college of Vic-Fezensac.

The objective of this song and dance show is to bring together children from CM1 to 6th at the heart of a common project. And in recent years, the latter has grown significantly: “In three years, we have gone from 100 to 250 students”, specifies Patricia Pujol. This year, five Gers colleges – two Auscitains (Salinis and Carnot) and those of Eauze, Mirande and Vic-Fezensac – as well as two CM classes from the Jean-Jaurès and Pont National d’Auch schools are taking part.

Since the beginning of the year, the children have been preparing, in class but also during rehearsals in the colleges, the songs arranged by the two music education teachers. After “Pop vs Rock” last year, the theme of the two evenings in June will be “Real world, virtual world”: “We are going to confront the two worlds through current music”, indicates Patricia Pujol.


But beyond a musical show, the children discover all the stages of the organization of an event and can thus appropriate a cultural place of their territory: the Dôme de Gascogne. “It also allows them to gain self-confidence, to develop their self-esteem and to see that regular work pays off”, assures Olivier Marc, teacher at the Jean-Jaurès school.

This year, the children will perform under the Dome over two evenings. In order to finance this educational project, which calls on technicians and three professional musicians, the teaching team launched an online call for contributions, on the Trousse à projets website. “We receive subsidies from our partners but our total budget, which also includes transport to transport the children, is around €5,500, specifies the director of the Auscitaine school. We want to avoid, through this online kitty, increase the price of the ticket for families”.

The first objective, of €500, has already been reached. It will finance the intervention of a live musician. There are now about ten days left to reach the optimum objective, €2,500, which will finance all the musicians for the accompaniment of the students live.

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